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  • Seman Violins 4447 Oakton Street Skokie, IL 60076 United States (map)
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This concert features the GRP 2.0 lineup, an all-virtuoso crew:

  • Guitar: Introducing Cole Runge

  • Upright bass: Ethan Philion

  • Drum set and percussion: Gustavo Cortiñas Fouilloux

  • Violin: Steve Gibons

We'll be playing Gypsy Jazz, Romanian, Balkan and Middle Eastern music- including (originally) liturgical pieces written or arranged for Tzedek Chicago Congregation.

--Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

Violinist Gibons commands an enviable reputation for his work in the gypsy-jazz idiom, including for his contributions to Alfonso Ponticelli’s Swing Gitan ensemble, which is in residence every Wednesday evening at the Green Mill.

--Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader:

"[This is] Chicago's go-to group for stripped-down, old-fashioned Roma music- They bring the improvisational sophistication of jazz to Romanian and Bulgarian Gypsy music without smoothing out its ragged edges."

-- Neil Tesser

Gibons... pushes the band an unmistakably eastern direction - to the Mediterranean and even the Arab Peninsula, in tandem with the French Roma tradition. The result is something certainly different, at times a bit bizarre, and always engrossing."