Corner Replacement

Throughout the life of an instrument, the edges are bumped, scratched, and sometimes knocked off completely. The upper right corner in particular is often victim to the triumphant end of a concerto or symphony. The violin in this repair has been worn down over many years and needed to be replaced before the damage got beyond the purfling and on to the top of the instrument.

One of the main goals of restoration is to leave as much of the original material as possible, which is why we chose to leave the purfling in place and use it to shape the new corner.



We first remove the damaged edge of the corner and then find a piece of replacement wood that matches the rest of the top.



This particular corner is fit in three different sections, each piece is hand fit and then glued in to place to seamlessly match the existing edge.



Once everything is glued, the corner is then shaped to match the other corners and then varnished and gently aged so that it appears as to be original. While we take ownership in our handmade instruments by signing our names in them, the mark of an expert restorer is one that is never seen.