The Realist Violin 4 - String E Series

The Realist Violin 4 - String E Series

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The realist violin blends the best of an acoustic and an electric. Not just an acoustic violin with a pickup, the realist has a pickup built into the top, a very secure output jack and an on board volume control that can be adjusted with the bowing hand. This violin still has the full acoustic sound under the ear while sounding great amplified. It has a large, natural tone under the ear and through the amp.

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The Realist Violin looks toward a new future for the violin. Amplifying the violin should be a pleasure, not a compromise.

Thoughtful Design

The input jack is carefully built into the back, where it’s easily accessed and allows the patch cable to be dressed away, out of sight and out of the player's way. The volume knob, integrated in the treble-side rib, is camouflaged in the color of the violin's varnish.

Unparalleled Sound Color & Texture

The built-in Realist Transducer delivers all the natural luster of the instrument's true sound. The violin retains its organic qualities when amplified or acoustic, so there's no need for the player to adapt. The pickup system is completely serviceable; the electronics are easily removed for repair without compromising the instrument's structural integrity.