Yamaha SV-130 Electric Violin

Yamaha SV-130 Electric Violin

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Our most popular electric violin, the SV-130 offers ease of use, strong sound, and is a great tool in ear training. With the ability to play along with an audio input through the headphones, the SV-130 offers a unique opportunity to learn any song by playing along with recorded music. It is an excellent live amplified instrument, but it is also known as a Silent Violin, which it makes an excellent instrument for those who need to practice in tight quarters.

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  • Single piezo pickup
  • Improved noise reduction circuitry
  • Built-in reverb: practice room, concert hall, cathedral
  • Aux-In for playing along with recorded accompaniment or favorite music

Available in four colors:
black, candy apple red, antique brown, navy blue
(Silent Violin SV-130 is available in antique brown, black, candy apple red and navy blue.)

Versatile connections:
1/4″ line-out jack. Aux-in 1/8″ jack with independent volume control allows connection of a CD or MD player for playing along with your favorite recordings – a great way to quickly improve your playing.

Shoulder Rest:
Unique Kun shoulder rest made specifically for this instrument.