Heeyoung Kang Instruments

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Heeyoung Kang works on most high-end instruments that come to the shop, including Stradivari, Guarneri, and Amati. Born in Korea, where he played drums in the national police band, Heeyoung moved to the U.S. in 1991 and graduated from the Chicago School of Violin Making in 1995. He has been with Seman Violins since 1993, making him the longest-standing member of the team.

Heeyoung builds violins, violas, and cellos modeled after Stradivari. But it is his repair work, with a particular expertise in touch-up, that has earned him the gratitude of customers far and wide. When violist David Pankratz had an accident that broke the neck off his instrument, it was Heeyoung who did a neck graft that restored the instrument to like-new playability. “Thank you for your masterful and beautiful work restoring my sad but now very happy viola," wrote Pankratz. Other grateful customers include members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

When he is not repairing or building instruments, Heeyoung enjoys working in his vegetable garden.

HYK 7.8 vn thumb.jpg

Heeyoung Kang 7/8 violin, Chicago, 2015

Hee Young Kang thumb.jpg

Heeyoung Kang viola, Chicago, 2012, 16 1/4"

Heeyoung Kang 2008 Thumg.jpg

Heeyoung Kang violin, Chicago, 2008

Heeyoung Kang 2014 THUMB.jpg

Heeyoung Kang violin, Chicago, 2014

Heeyoung Kang thumb.jpg

Heeyoung Kang cello, Chicago, 2017