Rental Instruments

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From the beginning student to the advancing musician, Seman Violins has rental instruments to suit all players. Our rental program is a great option for those students just starting out, or who are not quite ready to purchase. The rental includes a high-quality student instrument, bow, rosin, and case. We also offer purchase credit as a way for rental customers to use the money put towards the rental as a discount on an instrument purchase. We strive to deliver superior performance in all of our rentals, and we truly believe we stand above the rest.

  • Handmade instruments setup and adjusted by our team of professional in-house violin makers
  • Affordable rates with worry-free maintenance and insurance included
  • Automatic quarterly billing with no hidden fees

  • A majority of every payment goes toward future purchase
  • Customized instrument selection and fitting for every player
  • Hassle-free exchanges - No waiting or additional fees for exchanges

Quarterly (3-Month) Rental Fees:

Violins & Violas (All Sizes) - $75, including insurance

Cellos (All Sizes) - $120, including insurance

Basses (All Sizes) - $185, including insurance

*Rental Agreement

All renters will be required to read and agree to the terms of Seman Violins' Rental Agreement.

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