Violins $10,001 to $20,000

Leo Aschauer thumb.jpg

Leo Aschauer, Mittenwald, 1969

Louis Caporale thumb.jpg

Louis Caporale copy of Riccardo Genovese, Hawaii, 2017

Curtin and Alf Ann Arbor thumb.jpg

Curtin & Alf Workshop, Ann Arbor, 1984/2011


Unlabeled Czech vn 2782 thumb.jpg

Unlabeled Czech Violin with illegible brand, 19th Century

Albert Deblaye thumb.jpg

Albert Deblaye, Mirecourt, 1924

Inokuchi Thumb.jpg

Masa Inokuchi, Toronto, 2008


Timothy Jansma thumb.jpg

Timothy Jansma, Fremont (MI), 2001

Kevin Joseph Kelly Boston thumb.jpg

Kevin Joseph Kelly, Boston, 2017

Giovanni Lazzaro thumb.jpg

Giovanni Lazzaro, Padova, 1995

Tschu Ho Lee 1996 thumb.jpg

Tschu Ho Lee, Chicago, 1996

Leonidas Nadegini vn thumb.jpg

Leonidas Nadegini, Paris, 1928

Jago Peternella Venice 1928 thumb.jpg

Jago Peternella, Venice, 1928

Gunther Reuter Thumb.jpg

Gunther Reuter, Chicago, 1973

PRS Guadagnini 2016 thumb.jpg

Peter R. Seman, Guadagnini model, Chicago, 2016

Peter R Seman, Guarneri 2017 thumb.jpg

Peter R. Seman, Guarneri model, Chicago, 2017


Peter Seman labeled Joseph Guarnerius 1742 thumb.jpg

Peter R. Seman labeled Joseph Guarnerius, Chicago, 2018

David T. Van Zandt thumb.jpg

David T. Van Zandt, Seattle, 2018

Giovanni Battista Virzi Palarmo thumb.jpg

Giovanni Battista Virzi, Palarmo, 1950

William Whedbee thumb.jpg

William Whedbee, Chicago, 2013